Extend-A-Hitch Assembly
(Full instructions are included with unit.)

1. Slide the 2' Extend-A-Hitch mounting bracket over main extension tube, making sure hand pin hole is in forward position. See figure #1 below.
2. Attach Coupler to main shaft, inserting two shorter bolts supplied. Secure with locking nuts. See figure #2 below.
3. Insert hand pin into forward pin hole.

Extend-A-Hitch Installation

1. Using a floor jack,  jack up completed Extend-A-Hitch unit up under your boat trailer, positioning  Extend-A-Hitch coupler 6 inches in back of trailer coupler. See diagram below.
2. Jack up your Extend-A-Hitch as close as possible to your boat trailer's shaft. (Because some boat trailer coupler's hang down, especially surge brake coupler's, you will want to slide your Extend-A-Hitch in and out to insure you clear your towing coupler BEFORE you drill your holes.) Using Extend-A-Hitch bracket holes for pilot, drill 1/2 inch holes on each side of trailer shaft. Bolt Extend-a-Hitch to trailer with longer bolts supplied. Secure with locknuts.

assembly diagram

installation diagram

Hello, and thank you again for purchasing Extend-a-Hitch.

As you can tell from the instructions, use a floor jack and jack the whole unit up under your boat trailer. Ideally the Extend-a-Hitch coupler will be around 4-6” behind your towing coupler, obviously below it. Before drilling slide your hitch in and out to assure you will not hit your surge brake or current coupler. If you do hit your surge brake or coupler, just lower your Extend-a-Hitch a little and try again. When you’re ready to drill just leave the hitch exactly where you want it and then drill through on each side using the bracket with the 2 holes as your guideline. 

When sliding your 10’ and 12’ hitch out you will find out that having someone just lift up a little on the hitch at the rear end makes the sliding out much easier. The weight that is hanging back there on the 10 and 12 footers makes it a little more difficult to pull out with out someone lifting up the back end just slightly.

REMEMBER TO RINSE YOUR EXTEND-A-HITCH OFF AFTER EACH AND EVERY USE TO ASSURE EASY SLIDING NEXT TIME. Do NOT lube. Roadside dust and dirt will accumulate in your sleeve, making sliding in and out more difficult.

GALVANIZED METAL-While powder coating is prettier, and a smoother finish, a galvanized product is far superior, especially if you’ll be launching in salt water. For this reason we no longer powder-coat. All of our hitches are now hot-dipped galvanized.

Most galvanized metal is a dull, rough surface, and usually has various marks and blemishes obtained while hot dipping, draining, and cooling. The white film, blemishes, and powdery streaks are common on galvanized metal, and do not affect it in any way. 

TRADE YA-A PICTURE FOR A SUPER SIPHON-At some point in your boating trips, if you have a camera handy, I would appreciate a picture of your boat being launched with the Extend-a-Hitch.

In return I will gladly send out to you a Super Siphon, which is a device for transferring liquid with just a few quick shakes. The Super Siphon will transfer a 5 gal. container of gas in about a minute with no drips, and is also very handy for emptying liquid from aquariums, spas, bilges, clogged sinks, bottom of your boat, etc. I assure you once you use a Super Siphon you will appreciate having one.

Please send any pictures you may take to, text to 510.909.4197 or snail mail to


22523 Byron St.

Hayward, Ca. 94541 

Thank You  

Dan Borden




Additional Information


Can you tow with the Extend A Hitch ?
No! The Extend A Hitch is intended to be used for launching and retrieving your boat. You still tow with your own boat trailer coupler. When you get to your destinations launch area is when you switch from your trailer's coupler to the Extend A Hitch's coupler. Extend-a-Hitch is to be used at the launch ramp area only.

How much does it weigh?
The 9 foot Extend A Hitch total weight is 84 lbs,   and the 12 foot is 110 lbs, which, when towing, is distributed back under your boat's trailer.

Does it come galvanized?
Yes, the Extend A Hitch is now Hot Dipped Galvanized in all sizes, for extra protection and longevity.

How much extra length will I have for launching and retrieving?
Two feet of the unit is taken up in the mounting bracket. The 9 foot model adds almost 7’ to your launch, and the 12’ model gives you almost 10’ extra feet of length!

Can I install the  Extend A Hitch myself?
Yes.  All bolts, pins, and couplers are included. See the "Installation" page to give you an idea on how it is installed. Full instructions are included with your unit.

Is the Extend A Hitch removed from the trailer when not in use?
No. Because the Extend A Hitch is attached permanently onto your boat trailer,  after retrieving your boat, you just pull the pin, and the hitch slides all the way back under your boat's trailer for the trip home. The only time you would ever remove your Extend A Hitch is if you sold your boat and didn't want to part with your Extend A Hitch.  Once you've launched with an Extend A Hitch, you'll never want to launch without one.

What size Extend-a-Hitch will I need?
Many things decide on what size is best for you. If you only launch at one place, as a rule, you can decide if the 9 foot is enough! 2’ of your unit is taken up in the mounting bracket, which means a 9’ model gives you almost 7 extra feet of length! A 12’ gives you almost 10 extra feet! If in doubt, get the longer model as you can never be too long, just don’t be a foot short! 

What are the dimensions of the 2' bracket that is bolted onto the tongue? The WIDTH of the bracket is 3 1/2", which will fit most, if not all trailers. (Haven't seen one bigger yet) Most tongues are 3". We provide nylon spacers to take up extra space for those 3" trailers. OUTSIDE measurements of the plates that extend up, that you bolt through, are 22", inside measurements are 14". Some trailers have the split Y up closer. There are ways to attach that back part of the bracket, on the other side of your Y, if need be. Please call 510.909.4197 if you have more questions regarding this.

How can I tell which is the longest I can install? The best way to measure is to take a 2 x 4 piece of wood and slap it up under your tongue. You'll be able to see how far back your 2 x 4 will go unimpeded. For some you are restricted by either your bow of your boat, or your axle of your trailer. This will let you gauge how long an Extend a Hitch will fit.

What about the skid plates? Those V shaped Skid plates have to be cut off, which is an easy job. A sawzall or hacksaw removes this, but my experience says, if possible, use a grinding stone on a sander/grinder. MUCH EASIER!!

What if I need longer size than will fit under my trailer? Sometimes a deep V bow, or an axle gets in the way. But you need a longer length!  In this case you would mount ONLY the 2’ bracket under your trailer. I send you out a unit without the little stop piece that’s tak welded on, which allows you to slide it in from the front. Instead of being under your trailer as you motor down the road, you will bring the extension tube with you! (back of truck, attached along side trailer, etc. ) At the launch ramp staging area, slide the Extend a Hitch in FROM THE FRONT. The holes line up, you put in the pin, and now you can launch! Yes, it’s great to use Extend a Hitch as it’s intended, attached under your trailer, ready to pull out! But the end result is you want to launch, keeping your vehicle out of the water, and for many of our customers, this option allows them to do just that.