Pictures launching & Install

Keep tires out of salt water

5 seconds in salt water and your seals and bearings will cost more than a new Extend a Hitch!

Keep your expensive vehicle out of salt water!

Fixed keel? No problem!

Now you can go sailing wherever you desire!

Sail wherever the wind brings you!

Launching with a Ford PINTO!


73 yr old retired Berkeley professor is my new hero! He launches this, by himself!

Baja loves Extend a Hitch!


Launch from shore? Now you can! Why wait and pay the tractor guy $20? Why drive all those miles because there are no ramps? 

US NAVY, Keyport, WA relies on Extend a Hitch!


US NAVY got tired of expensive replacement of seals and bearings every year! They called Extend a Hitch! (See testimonial page!) 

Thrilled customer!


New fishing machine! And he could NOT launch it! Could barely get boat wet! Now he launches pretty much anywhere he wants to fish!